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Rinpoche's younger son, Jepön Dondrub Tulku, is an emanation of Mahakala Bernagchen.He was born amidst a variety of marvellous signs on June 21st, 1976, in the western land of Switzerland. When he was three, His Holiness the 16th Karmapa, the supreme Rigpa'i Dorje, recognized him as the reincarnation of Tsurp'u Jepön Döndrup.At the age of five, at the monastery of Rumtek, seat of the Rumtek, seat of the Glorious 16th Karmapa, Rigpa'i Dorje, where, amidst a crowd of the four heart sons of His Holiness, a community of hundreds of lamas, incarnations and khenpos as well as many people from all corners of the earth, he was enthroned in due manner and then, at his own seat, passed his teen years studying and educating himself at the seminary there and so forth. At the same time, under the four heart sons, he studied the actual basis of the preliminary practices, and, especially, the Rinchen Terdzö Chenmo and other such texts with Ka'gyü Khenchen Kalu Rinpoche.Now he accomplishes the welfare of the teachings and of sentient beings by travelling all over the world and particularly among the various centres in Indonesia, and is currently in strictest three year retreat.