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Update: The pills now also include བསོད་ནམས་གླང་པོ་སྟོབས་སྐྱེད་ཡིད་བཞིན་ནོར་བུའི་འཁོར་ལོ་ནི།།
"The precious wish fulfilling wheel that increases the power of the elephant of merit.

Additional to the good benefits of the pills, through this one receives protection from earthquakes, the five elements and negative spirits. Also we updated the suggested donation amount for the big pill. It is now only 400 EUR.

The booklet, explaining details about the pills is now available in tibetan, english, german and chinese.

In fact, it is mainly based on wealth that the qualities of higher rebith and liberation can arise. It is said that the omniscient Sugata itself, at the very first, began with practising generosity. Therefore the great master of Oddiyana said:

Through wealth one accomplishes the purpose of this and future lifetimes as it is the ornament of the dharma and the base of wordly success. Therefore, the excellent vase of prosperity, - The method to attract the quintessence of wealth - has been exposed.

Thus he praised this practice repeatedly.

In addition, Padmasambhava stated hundreds of times:

This blessed substance that gathers all the instructions, this very special heart essence, will increase the wealth and the number of subjects. In the future, when the beings of Tibet, Kham and the entire world will encounter great suffering and immense torments will arise due to the degeneration of the world and living beings, in order to protect you all, i, the self-arisen Lotus, will think of you with extreme love and will expose it.

Recently, Chinese, Tibetan and students from east and west enjoyed the unsurpassable kindness of the incomparable protector, Terchen Chokling Orgyen Jigme Palden Rinpoche. Due to the dazzling rays of lights of his love and compassion, he prepared these pills in a very careful manner. In 2011, starting on the first day of the ninth month of the Iron Hare year, according to the tibetan calendar - the virtuous day of Kilaya's activity - in the secluded place of Kanying Rigdzin Ling, in his own abode in Lhasab Lingtren, in Lhasa, the supreme Lord of the wheel, Terchen Chokling Orgyen Jigme Palden Rinpoche presided the ceremony. He performed it together with a little more then ten lamas and monks, wich all possess the three trainings, supreme devotion and a perfectly pure motivation.

During seven days, they opened the sacred mandala of the Excellent Vase of Prosperity, wich is the instruction possessing the flavours of the dakini's breath, the heart essence of the Maha Guru of Oddiyana and the essence of all the teachings of the supreme Chokgyur Dechen Lingpa, who is supreme amongst the ocean of tertöns.

Sacred Ingredients

  • Ringsels from the seven universal Buddhas such as Kashyapa and Shakyamuni
  • Pieces of clothes and sacred ingredients from the eight Vidyadharas of India
  • A piece of dharma robes of Shariputra and Ananda
  • Hairs of Guru Padmasambhava and his dharma robe
  • Sandal-wood that appeared from the nose blood of king Trisong Deutsen
  • Hairs and pieces of clothes of the dakini Yeshe Tsogyal
  • Parts of the saddle of Nub Namkhe Nyingpo Nyizer
  • Bones of the great translator Vairochana
  • Nose blood of the Mahasiddha Thangtong Gyelpo
  • Pieces of brain and clothes from the omniscient Longchen Rabjam
  • Piece of clothes and flesh of Rigdzin Jigme Lingpa
  • Bones of Drubchen Melong Dorje
  • Flesh from the seven incarnations of Yarje Orgyen Lingpa
  • Flesh from Terchen Guru Chöwang
  • Clothes from Orgyen Terdak Lingpa
  • Clothes from Terchen Ratna Lingpa, Terchen Taksham as well as the Mahasiddha Marpa Lotsawa
  • A piece of zen from Jetsün Milarepa
  • Clothes from Marpa's son Dharma Dode
  • Parts of Nyamme Dagpo's brain
  • Bones from Je Pakmo Drupa
  • Hairs of Je Sangye Hön
  • A braid of Orgyen Gönpo
  • Ashes from the burnt bones and clothes of all the Karmapas from the first until the sixteenth
  • Pieces of clothes from the lineage lamas of the Longchen Nyingtik
  • Hairs from Nyakla Jangchub
  • Clothes from Ju Jamgön Mipham Rinpoche
  • Bones, hairs and clothes from Vajradhara Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche
  • Clothes from Yachen Lama Achö
  • Pills of prosperity prepared by Jamgön Kongtrül Rinpoche
  • Sacred pills prepared by Khenchen Jigme Phüntsok Rinpoche, together with his ten thousand students at Serta Larung
  • Sacred pills prepared with the recitation of thirteen hundred million (1300000000) Benza Guru mantras in Zab Phulung monastery
  • Sacred pills, samaya substances and amrita prepared by the fifth Dalai Lama
  • Sacred pills of Manjushri prepared by Khenchen Pema Wangyel
  • Sacred pills liberating upon bein tasted and pills of Tak Ngu Chülen
  • Sacred pills of Vajrasattva and a combination of ringsel of the five great pandits and siddhas of Tropulung
  • Long life pills made with a thousand samaya substances
  • Pills to avert harm from gods, demons and humans
  • Pills of prosperity made with bones of the past realised vidyadhaeas of the great Nyingma school form all directions
  • Ringsel of the past Kagyu masters of all directions
  • A blessing of Gyalwang Karmapa given to Chokling Orgyen Jigme Palden Rinpoche
  • One of the twenty five body representations made from the nectar of the body remains of Vajradhara Dilgo Khyentse
  • Sacred substances from the filling of a Rahula statue, handmade by the supreme Orgyen Lingpa
  • Great black pill from Namtso
  • Red nectar pills from Taklung
  • Pills prepared according to the hundred thousand sections of Kathog

 Benefit of these pills

If a fortunate person creates a connection with these sacred pills of prosperity by keeping it with ones body, eating it or keeping it at home and so forth, the benefits are explained in the termas of Chokling:

By merely possessing this pill, One will surely attain the siddhis of a precious treasure. So if one puts it into practice and enacts its activities, is there any need to mention that one will atain limitless richness?
By preparing and possessing this pill, one will have a long life, free of sickness

Moreover the Lord of Refuge, the great Tertön Chokling Jigme Palden Rinpoche stated:

If one wears this wish-granting pill of prosperity on one's body, it is the liberation through wearing (Takdröl). One will be protected from all outer, inner and secret obstacles and one's lifespan, merit, power and energy will increase. It is the supreme sacred substance that liberates upon being tasted, the medicine that cures all diseases, and the nectar that reverses death and shuts all doors of lower rebirth. It is particularly necessary and important in these present times and circumstances. Therefore, higher or lower beings, free of doubts and with great respect, should see these sacred substances as supreme and rely upon it. From the Dense cloud of Padmasambhava's wisdom compassion, this great wish-granting pill of prosperity has excellently come into being. May whoever tastes it be instantly liberated and be reborn in a place of great benifit and happiness

If you are interested in getting these pills, either for yourself or others, you can make a donation on this website and we, the students of Rinpoche, will send them to you. There are two different kinds of pills available. One big pill and three small pills. The big pill is available for a suggested donation of 400 EUR. The three small ones is available for a suggested donation of 400 EUR. The big pill consists of three small pills. However, if you absolutly cannot afford these donations, or you are overwhelmed by bad circumstances such as sickness, unemplyoment etc. you can also donate less than suggested. The preferred way of donating is using paypal. However if you make a donation to Rinpoches bank account in China, you have to inform us, that you made a donation, using the contact form

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