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The Longchen Nyingthig lineage


The Longchen Nyingthig cycle is based on hidden treasures (Termas) that the treasure finder (Terton) Rigdzin Jigme Lingpa discovered in the 18th century

These treasures including many practices, teachings and pith insctructins that Jigme Lingpa discovered in many visions where he met Guru Padmasambhava, Khandro Yeshe Tsogyal, omniscient Longchen Rabjam and many other masters.

Jigme Lingpa was an incarnation of king Trison Deutsen who invited Padmasambhava in the eighth century to establish buddhism in Tibet.

He helped the king to establish the first buddhist monastery, Samye.

In this time when King Trisong Deutsen ruled, Guru Rinpoche gave him and his other main disciples many treasure teachings that he integrated in their mind streams, so that they can rediscover them in later incarnations when the right time would come to practise them.

Jigme Lingpa rediscovered many of these teachings, known as the Long Chen Nying Thig cycle.

Long Chen Nying Thig is probalby the most famous tradition. It is known as the heart-drop teaching wich is the essence of Atiyoga and the great perfection. It is also the most widespread teaching throughout the Nyingmapa tradition.

It is practised by many masters of all four schools of tibetan buddhism, mainly because it has the most profound nature of all buddhistic teachings



Garab Dorje (Prahevajra)



Shri Singha





Yeshe Zogyal


Longchen Rabjam

Jigme Lingpa

Jigme Gyalwe Nygu


Jigme Chöki Wangpo

H.H. Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche

H.H. 16th Gyalwa Karmapa 


   H.E. Chockling Jigme Palden Rinpoche  
Tulku Dondup Rinpoche    Tsatrul Rinpoche